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Michelle Roberts

Your Textile Material Mentor


I’ve helped Fortune 500 brands increase their profitability & source quality fabric.

Now I’m here to help you.


Do you LOVE the materials you source now, but you have a sneaking suspicion that you should be paying less?

Or maybe you have settled for cheaper, “not-quite-right” fabric in your line because you don’t think you can afford your dream fabric.

Either way, you are in the right place.

I work with apparel entrepreneurs and brands to help them source the fabrics and materials that are perfect for their brand, at a price that helps sustain profitability in their business.   From providing education so you can source fabric confidently on your own, to offering done-for-you sourcing services when you just need someone to take care of it for you.


I’ve got you covered.

Consulting for Apparel Brands


007Do you need help developing and sourcing materials?

Do you want to diversify your supply base to respond to the ever-changing global sourcing landscape?

I help apparel brands improve brand profitability, and presence, by developing and sourcing the right fabrics – quickly – using the best global sources from around the globe.

Learn more about my services.

I would recommend Michelle to anyone, except my competitors.  Michelle has a broad range of knowledge in apparel and textiles, and she understands the ‘big picture'. This enables her to make better recommendations, whether strategic or tactical. 

Michelle is a great talent with the right combination of business sense, technical knowledge, and street savvy.

David Andreas

Chicos FAS, Ft. Myers, Florida

I would recommend Michelle without a doubt.  Her professionalism and positive energy are contagious.  She is very detail- oriented and very thorough.  She went above and beyond in helping commercialize our product.  Her knowledge and willingness to share helped through the entire process.

Atoya Burleson

Miles of Pearls, Seattle, WA

For Fashion Designers and Emerging Apparel Entrepreneurs


silk-798087_640Are you compromising on your dream because you can’t afford the fabric?

Are you tired of expensive tests that don’t add much value?

I help apparel designers find the RIGHT fabric and materials, at the RIGHT price for their designs.  I don’t just help you source it, I teach you the RIGHT way to source the materials from suppliers and ensure quality without paying for expensive testing.

Learn more about my custom program, designed specially for emerging apparel entrepreneurs just like you..



Working with Michelle and Technical Textile Solutions was like having a “How-to” guide for every step of the way.  The suggestions she makes are based on her vast knowledge in many different areas, and she helped me see things through a totally different lens.

I would recommend Michelle a thousand times! She is a great person and doesn’t meet a stranger.  She is definitely one-of-a-kind.  I am forever grateful that we crossed paths and that I had the opportunity to work with her.

Ronique German

Boston Proper, Fort Lauderdale

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