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This week has been pretty busy around the TTS offices. There have been lots of new things going on! If you were lucky enough to join us for one the webinars last week, we really hoped you enjoyed it! We received some awesome feedback and so glad you all made it!

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Friday Favorites! Week Ending 7/29


Pokemon Go Improving Retail

pokemongoPokemon Go has swept the world by storm. Not only are they grabbing every 90’s kid by pure nostalgia, but they are also hooking the health conscious! Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon so much so it’s hard to keep track of. If you have no idea what I’m talking about right now, I’ll clue you in.

poke2A company called, Niantic who used to be a startup through Google has created a game  that you actually have to get up and exercise. Yes, exercise and technology might have made a perfect match in our health craze world right now. You are walking on real streets, and finding these pokemon (made up little “monsters”)  in your neighborhood parks, bars, stores, historical sites, and zoos. They are all over. But you must walk around to find them.

The point of the game is to catch and find all of them. (It is said that there is about 150).  Now, to catch them you have to throw a ball by swiping on your smartphone screen. But to actually catch them all, you have to do A LOT of walking (miles and miles and miles).  Okay, now that the basis of the game is explained. You have to be asking…

What does this have to do with retail, fashion, textile? Aha, let me get there!  This article from Apparel News explained it perfectly and who would ever know that a smartphone game would improve sales?  Well, retailers and shops are realizing that so many people are out and about that this is the PERFECT way to attract new customers. If the Pokemon are inside stores, they know people will come in, and be more likely to stop and buy something!

poke1The article was able to talk to Oliver Chen who is a  retail analyst for Cowen and Co., a New York investment bank, and he said in a report that he thinks “retailers should embrace Pokémon Go because it is an opportunity to use the mobile app to increase customer engagement and loyalty and drive higher foot traffic. He (Chen) noted that Niantic Inc., the San Francisco software company that developed Pokémon Go with Nintendo Inc.andThe Pokémon Co., mentioned it might make it possible for retailers to pay money to become sponsored locations where players are motivated to stop by and pick up virtual rewards. The Pokémon Go app is free to download, which has helped its popularity among techies.”

Not only is this great for the retail industry, but also for the local coffee shops, historic areas, and zoos. Who knew a game could make such an impact and make people go crazy for walking after they worked a long and stressful 9-5 shift?

Are you falling for this new fad? Do you think it’ll stick? Are you using this new phenomenon to your advantage at your shop? Let me know down in the comments what you think!



Say Something Nice Campaign 

saysomethingYou have probably heard about how Amazon fashion is kicking retail’s butt right now. It has taken off and I have heard some rumors that Amazon may end up taking over the department store game within a couple of years.

With being such a big topic of discussion at the moment, Amazon has recently released a new campaign with perfect timing. It is called, “Say Something Nice” and based upon several women who discuss how they feel judged on social media for their style of clothing. Whether it is what they choose to wear, or what they choose not to wear, their size, race, they all say they have felt judged. And we all have! Amazon has posted a video on Youtube with these style bloggers speaking from their hearts describing what it feels like to be judged.

At the end of the video, all of those in it pledge to each say something nice and turn the bad into good, can you pledge to stay something nice also? You can watch Amazon Fashion’s new Say Something Nice campaign video on Youtube or by clicking here, and follow it on social media using the official #SaySomethingNice hashtag. I always love when big companies who have such a dominant voice try to break down the evil in the world.



Cotton Fabric Sustainability 

Lenzing_Logo_LeadingThis week we found an article from Innovation in Textiles that caught our eye! They were talking about a company called Lenzing.

Lenzing’s website describes itself as, “Lenzing views #sustainability not just as a strategy for the short-term safeguarding of its interests, but as a long-term process with ecological, social and economic dimensions.Utilization of the renewable resource wood, environmentally sound processes in production, economic effective productivity and job creation make Lenzing an exemplary #sustainability company. Its high environmental standards make the Lenzing Group a global forerunner in the cellulose and Viscose fiber industry.”

You know how we feel about sustainability and love any news that comes out about it. So we definitely had to clue you in with what’s’ going on here! Basically, Lenzing is trying to improve the “circular economy” in the textile industry with this new cotton. “The new generation of lyocell fibers is an ecological wood-based fiber, combining cotton waste recycling with Lenzing’s pioneering closed-loop Tencel production on a commercial scale. The company says it is the first manufacturer to offer the new cellulose fibers incorporating recycled materials on a commercial scale.”

cotton wasteSo what does this have to do with the economy? Tencel is an eco-friendly fiber, which now is being made from cotton waste. This is huge for Lenzing because they started the company from the beginning believing in creating sustainable and eco-friendly products.

The article quoted,  ““For Lenzing, developing circular business models in the fashion industry ensures the decoupling of business growth from pressure on ecological resource consumption. It reduces the need to extract additional virgin resources from nature, and reduces the net impact on ecological resources,” commented Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO of Lenzing.”

Any new type of technology in the sustainable textile area always makes us excited! This will also add another great way for companies to create their clothing and garments in an eco-friendly way! Check out the full post on Innovation in Textiles website by clicking the link below!



US Army Has Spidey Senses

spiderwebNext topic up on our Friday Favorites we have Spiderman coming into play! Not really, but Spider Silk is for real. This is an advancement in textiles and fabric for the men and women who fight for our country every day.  

“Created by Michigan’s Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, the recombinant fiber is the company’s strongest and most flexible to date. It might even protect against bullets, a possibility that has led the Department of Defense to award Kraig Biocraft with a $100,000 grant. The goal: To test its Dragon Silk for anti-ballistic applications such as body armor for soldiers.”  

Who would have guessed that spider silk is five times tougher than steel! Apparently, it is one of the strongest materials known to man. If they could create this to defend our troops, I think many people might try to get over their fear of spiders. (Haha, probably not. I hate those little things!) Wait, there’s a small issue… spiders are cannibalistic. So getting enough of this special silk to help defend our army could be very difficult, but something that could definitely be looked farther into. This is something so awesome, and beneficial for the army world.. and well those who aren’t so happy when they see a spider!

Wait, there’s a small issue… spiders are cannibalistic. So getting enough of this special silk to help defend our army could be very difficult, but something that could definitely be looked farther into. This is something so awesome, and beneficial for the army world.. and well those who aren’t so happy when they see a spider!

“Thompson, CEO and foundspidermaner of Kraig Biocraft Laboratories said in a statement, “We are honored that the U.S. Army has selected us for this program. This effort will provide Kraig Labs with the opportunity to validate our longstanding belief that spider silk technology has had an incredible potential for protective and lifesaving materials and expand our ability to design and engineer innovative materials solutions.”

To find out more about this new engineered defense material, read the rest of the article from Ecouterre!



Fashion Customization

shoesGrowing up, everyone has dreamed of designing their own clothes. I would draw stick figures as a little girl with dresses and color the triangle dress with polka dots and flowers. Now, the technology world has advanced so much that shoe brands allow you to customize your own shoes. Color, style, print. But until recently that hasn’t been widely available in other fashion areas. Bags, scarves, t-shirts, sweaters, are all becoming customizable. Now you are able to put your monogram on everything, change colors, and if a website doesn’t let you choose what print you want, many people just move on.  Shoes of Prey is a company that is online and was built on customization.

Fashionista stated, “Australian Jodie Fox launched the brand in 2009 after finding someone with whom she could commission her own shoe designs, which were a big hit amongst her friends. Alongside CEO Michael Fox and Chief Technology Officer Mike Knapp, Fox created a customizable shoe company from the ground up. Unable to find any existing technology that met the standards they were looking for, the in-house team at Shoes of Prey built the site from scratch. The brand reports that over six million pairs of shoes have been made since launch.”

But this website works like nshoes2othing I have seen before. They have so many choices some may think it’s overwhelming at first, but I’m sure once you get sucked into it,  you really enjoying the freedom and wide range of choices. You get to choose your own fabric, leather, cotton, suede – you name it! Then you get to design the toe shape, heel height – exactly how your shoe will look. You can add endless details as well to your shoe. After you are done designing you should have your shoe within two weeks. It is full freedom for you to let your creative juices flow!

The company  also pointed out in the article that “The technology could also be harnessed by young designers who don’t yet have the resources to launch their own shoe collections.” If I had this option when I was younger, my parents probably would have had a big issue!  What a great opportunity for those just beginning to see their ideas come to life!



Well, that’s all folks! We hope you loved this week of #FridayFavorites and we can’t wait to see you back next week!

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